Dog Ear Days


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We recorded DOG EAR DAYS on and off for the majority of 2009 and released it in late 2010.

Emerald Weapon
EW 001


released August 1, 2010

Reid Bateh - Vocals/Guitar
Blaze Bateh - Drums/Vocals
William Brookshire - Bass/Vocals

JOEL HATSTAT recorded Repeat After Me, Stay Gray, Swim With the Trees, Chiromancy

DAVID BARBE recorded Drag Hesitation and Feed the Pigs

Cover photo: a still from Peggy Ahwesh's film The Color of Love (1994)


"Dog Ear Days is some pretty outstanding shit. [...] Bambara distinguish themselves here by virtue of focus like a laser beam between the eyes. It’s an overwhelming enterprise, all this intensity of noise and darkness and beauty boiled down to less than twenty five minutes. [...] makes me feel a little something of what punks must’ve felt hearing Vs. (1982) for the first time—the sound of something new and strange brought potently into the framework of punishing rock music." - ..Chet Betz, COKE MACHINE GLOW

“…their music is a thrilling blast of dark, noisy, tension-filled post-punk that pulls back and then rebuilds upon itself in a weird, looming sort of way that draws you in.” – ..Jeff Clark, STOMP AND STAMMER

"Twenty-five minutes of prime spacecase, staring-at-the-drone performed with all the visceral aggression of an industrial band or early Public Image Limited [...] Dog Ear Days is well attuned to the musical spirit of the moment; this band wouldn't be out of place sharing stages with Crocodiles, A Place To Bury Strangers, Ceremony, or even Wavves but there's an extra darkness that sets them slightly apart, out of phase. [...] The way they physically attack their instruments is downright masochistic, they take a joy in whipping up a noise to the point where your fingers flinch at the thought of blood against guitar strings. And the way the album is recorded is magnificently raw and intimate, every song is like this cavernous gothic wound. The drums and feedback are downright fucking eldritch. [...] For the most part, the songs are unrelenting noise raids, with the occasional mournful procession -- ya gotta breathe sometime. What you're hearing is the ante being upped to 11." - Matthew Moyer, INK19

"Athens drone fiends Bambara, though clearly owing a debt to Spacemen 3/Spiritualized, are less Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating In Space and more “Oh my god, that Sputnik Satellite just crash landed to Earth and hit a bus full of senior citizens!” Shoegazing bliss is run through with a healthy dose of primitive industrial clang and clatter. Just listen to the drums! They attack their instruments with a visceral glee. Think about A Place To Bury Strangers and Ulterior and ringing eardrums." - POP NIHIL

"Who's ever idea it was to combine witch house and garage rock is a genius! Because this is amazing." -MINIMUM ADVICE

"Bambara hasn't been a local band for a little while now, and their presence has been missed. They filled a niche which goes otherwise neglected in the local scene, taking on both the moody, minor-key side of post-punk (Joy Division, The Chameleons) and the blissful noise of shoegaze (more Loop than MBV, but especially reminiscent of early A Place to Bury Strangers). Combined with a killer rhythm section that drives hard while keeping things just simple enough, that makes for a sound that's eminently satisfying." - Derek Wells, Flagpolr

"BAMBARA have created an ep that is what the format does best: it teases you, ends too quickly and gets listened to over and over. It's brash, in your face and totally fucking radical and I can't wait to hear more from these dudes. You're gonna love this." - FUCK YEAH! GO TEAM!

"The special thing about Bambara's sound is that it paints post-rock’s quietus, punk rock’s noise and visceral potency and shoegaze’s smudgy impressionism on the same picture plane, so the viewer can only hope to take it all in at once." - ..Chis Benton, FLAGPOLE

"samt en klockren Bowie." - ..NO MODEST BEAR

"Hypnotic is not a term one often associates with punk, but Athens-based trio Bambara fit both molds [...] Dog Ear Days is a bit of a mystery as its mere existence possesses something strangely magical [...] They are, truly, their own beast. And like any wild animal, there is something immensely beautiful about it that simply cannot be ignored." - FENSEPOST

"Hearing the awesome, melodic noise terror that Bambara has cultivated in their adult years, I can't help but grow curious as to how these young gentlemen started out [...] But if it sounded anything like they do now, then their parents must have either done something right, or horribly wrong." -TREBLE

"Seeing a Bambara set live is sorta like getting trapped in a long, dark corridor with the vague sensation that you are being followed by the thing that terrifies you most … so long as what you’re scared of is experimental indie bands with a tendency to be mellow very loudly." - WEEKLY DIG BOSTON

"You will not understand this record until you hear it for yourself. It never plays the same way twice, either. With each listen, one discovers something new. It's an acquired taste, as in, "You better acquire a taste for this, otherwise, you're missing the fuck out." - KISSING TIGER BLOG



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BAMBARA Brooklyn, New York




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Track Name: Repeat After Me
well, her skin was fire and brimstone
with hints of Egyptian embalmment
we stirred in her apocalyptic words
and memories of things she'd missed

"I carried the couch upon my back.
O, I drank, I drank, I drank, the gasoline.
I spat fire as the piano slid,
and we burned, we burned, we burned, 'til we were

well, her skin was the silk of butterfly wings
the end was always on her lips
she reminded me of sounds i heard
with the dog ears of a kid

who's there
-- who's there
who's there
-- who's there
who's there
-- who's there
who's there
-- I hear her still singing limbs
who's there
-- who's there
who's there
-- I hear her still singing limbs
who's there
-- who's there
who's there
-- who's there
Track Name: Drag Hesitation
crush and sell.
I've seen them all in hell
with delight in their eyes,
gowns flowing and white.
But you weren't there.
no, you were just too scared
to try one in your size
or crawl into mine.

will you fall asleep in your sister's arms
while you smell defeat through a serpent's tongue
shackles on your feet from this budding freedom
words are lingering, we must live while we're young

cars and beds.
our mouths filled with broken bread
are bottled and sold
white words turned to gold.

vines are never sure how there children will taste
twisted ties will burn tangled lives through their veins
but this view won't be the cure to the disease in this place
tears have never been so pure as they cling to your face

well I have seen the ones who are cut out for this race
they're the burnt out suns, they're the friendliest snakes
but amidst all our fun there's one fear I can't shake
when our time is done who'll receive what we've made
Track Name: Stay Gray
O cobalt calendar, with talons blurred I'd trade anything
nerve endings and memories
For just one day without your lipless mouth carving our lives into
fever dreams in theater seats

Stay Gray

O cobalt calendar, you foul creature, I'd tear you apart
when woven wolves see cloven hooves
But I am just too weak for those Roman teeth and bony wings
flapping through our histories

Stay Gray
Track Name: Feed the Pigs
Feed my body to the pigs,
because I don't deserve to live.
Watch my flesh fall from their tongues,
once you tell them what I've done.
Track Name: Swim with the Trees
Wait here for me
under the frozen sea

I'll return
uprooting every tree
Track Name: Chiromancy
now the leaves are falling down
to the ground
a few months for it to be found
now I'm safe and I'm sound
but I will finish it

underneath my clothes
there's a baby who fears what he knows
in his shivering bones
but i will finish it

what does it mean
what does it mean when the lines are broken
"I know, I know, I know"
well no you don't, this time
we are blinded by lies
but I will finish it

underneath the white snow
his little legs try to keep the window closed
and he cries and he moans
I will finish it

underneath the window

I will finish it